Abanibi obohebev (I love you in Pig Latin)


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Hebrew Lyrics

Abanibi obohebev
Abanibi obohebev obotabach

Keshehayinu yeladim, ahavnu b'sodei sodot
El mi hayinu nehmadim? Rak l'dodim v'ledodot
Vehabanot hamiskenot savlu
Hametukot hen rak makot kiblu
Ve'et mah shehirgashnu be'emet
Lahashnu rak b'sfat habet


Ahavah hi milah yaffa
Hi t'filah yaffah, hi safah
Ahavah, hi elai tovah
Hi tamid titgaber - ub'sfat ahavah nedaber

Ani holem vekam shalosh milim
Umahu haolam - shalosh milim
Vezeh mah she'ani margish ka'et
Mamash k'mo az - bisfat habet


When we were kids we loved secretly
Who were we cute to? Only to uncles and aunts.
And the poor girls suffered
Those sweet ones only got hurt
And what we really felt
We whispered only in "B-speak"!

Love is a beautiful word, a beautiful prayer, a language
Love is good to me - it conquers all
And so we'll speak in the language of love

I dream and three words appear
And what is the world but three words?
And that is what I feel right now
Just like then - in "B-speak".

(from a site on Israeli Eurovision songs) Izhar Cohen and his great song "Abanibi" gave Israel the taste of victory in the Eurovision for the first time. "Abanibi" beat all the other songs in France 1978 and gave Israel the first victory. The chorus of the song uses a special and secret language kids use ("B-speak") when they don't want the grown ups to understand what they are saying. "A-Ba-Ni-Bi" means "Ani", the hebrew word for "I" and the rest of the chorus is, of course, "Love You". You can find the full real audio clip of this song here


Added October 7th, 1999