Ahavat Olam


(from evening liturgy)

Hebrew Lyrics

Ahavat olam beit yisraeil amcha ahavta,
Torah umitzvot chukim umishpatim otanu limad'ta.
Al kein Adonai Eloheinu b'shochbeinu
uv'kumeinu nasi-ach b-chukecha,
v' nis mach b'divrei torat'cha
uv'mitzvotecha le-olam va-ed.
Ki heim cha-yeinu v-orach yameinu uva-heim nehgeh yomam valaila.
V-ahavatcha al tasir mimenu le-olamim,
Baruch ata Adonai, oheiv amo yisraeil.


Unending is Your love for Your people, the House of
Torah and Mitzvot,
laws and precepts have You taught us.
Therefore, 0 God, when we lie down and
when we rise up, we will meditate on Your
laws and rejoice in Your Torah and
Mitzvot for ever. Day and night we will
reflect on them, for they are our life and
the length of our days. Then Your love
never depart from our hearts! Blessed
is God, who chose Israel in love.

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Added September 29th, 2000