A Brivele Der Mamen

Solomon Smulewitz

Solomon Smulewitz

Yiddish Lyrics

Mayn kind, mayn treyst, du forst avek,
Ze zay a zun a guter.
Dikh bet mit trern un mit shrek
Dayn traye liber muter.

Du forst mayn kind, mayn eyntsik kind
Ariber vayte yamen.
Akh kum ahin nor frish gezunt
Und nit farges dayn mamen.

Yo! For gezunt un kum mit glik
Ze yede vokh a brivele shik,
Dayn mames harts, mayn kind, derkvik.

A brivele der mamen.
Zolstu nit farzamen.
Shrayb geshvind, libes kind
Shenk ir di nekhome.
Di mame vet dayn brivele leyzn
Un zi vet geneyzn.
Heylst ir shmerts, ir biter harts,
Derkvikst ir di neshome.


My child, my comfort, you’re going away
Please be a good son. With tears and trembling
Your dear, faithful mother begs you.

You’re going away my one and only child
Across the distant seas.
Arrive there safely and in good health
And don’t forget your mother.

Yes! Go in health and with good fortune.
And be sure to write a letter each week
To delight your mother’s heart.

A letter to your mother
Don’t delay.
Write soon my beloved child,
And give her solace.
Your mother will read your letter
And she will be comforted.
You’ll heal her pain and her aching heart
And revive her spirits.

One version is on the CD "The Best Yiddish Songs" by Tzipi Zarenkin.


Added June 20th, 1999