A Brivele Der Mamen Solomon Smulewitz Solomon Smulewitz Yiddish One version is on the CD "The Best Yiddish Songs" by Tzipi Zarenkin.
A Finf-Un-Tsvantsiger Trad. Theodore Bikel Yiddish From - Theodore Bikel Sings Yiddish Theatre & Folk Songs
A Nigndl Yiddish There is a Hebrew translation to this song and we used to sing it 55 years ago here in Israel. HINE LANU NIGUN YESH HAVA NENAGNENU Bo NASHIRA BO NAZKIRA HAIAMIM HAHEM> KI OTO OD SHARU ACHEINU ACHIOTEINU 2X BEODAM OD YELADIM HIU HINE KACHA ZEHU HANIGUN SHEL NACHAT UVEKETSEV UVEKETSEV BOU YACHAD HINE KACHA ZEHU HANIGUN SHEL NACHAT and the last line I forgot to my great shame Yael [email protected] Words and music by Nachum Sternheim. Another recording was made by Robin
Achtsik Er Un Zibetshik Zi (Eighty He and Seventy She) Mark M. Warshavsky (1840-1907) Mark M. Warshavsky (1840-1907) Yiddish There is an alternative version with different 2-5 verses which can be found in the Mir Trogn A Gesang anthology of Jewish song. Bikel sings a version with other verses in his early Yidish album
Ah Cholim (?) Yiddish Childhood memories
Ale Brider Winchevsky, Morris (1856-1932) Yiddish A great family song! <p>The clip featured here is from the CD <a href
An Emese Eyshes Khael as sung by Barry Sisters Yiddish Eyshes-khayel, mi yimtso? (Proverbs 31:10) (This link doesn't exist anymore: )
Ay madre, buscai me con quien durmire Judeo-spanish Dialogue between a mother and her daughter who does not want to sleep al
Cuando El Rey Nimrod (When King Nimrod) Ladino Folksong Las Suegras de Ahora Judeo-spanish This song is also known as "Avram Avinu" (Abraham, our father) Clip featured here is from Shirim Klezmer Orchestra's CD Oy, It's Good! here is a page devoted to this song: stanzas 4-6 are from CD's by Lena Rothstein and Dominique Thibaudat. The text is from the period of Alfons X (1245-1289) influenced by a school in Toledo [from the booklet to a CD by Dominique Thibaudat]. The text exists already in the period of Alphonse X (1245-1280) in Toledo, and part of the melody is from the "Cantigas de Nuestra Senora) although subject to several more modern changes. It is the metric where the medieval influence is still recognized.
Dem Zeydns Nign (Grandfather's Tune) Josh Waletzky Shike Driz Yiddish The clip featured here is from Klezamir CD Back in the Shtetl Again". >Vel ikh oys trinken lekhayim >Ikh hob gehert der tseyln, these two lines should be written: Vel ikh oystrinken lekhayim Ikh hob gehert dertseyln,... 'oystrinken' is one word 'dertseyln' is one word. Reyzl Kalifowicz-Waletzky -wife of the composer
Di Grine Kusine Abe Schwartz Khayim Prizant Yiddish From Theodore Bikel sings Yiddish theatre and Folk songs
Di Naye Elter Arturo S. Kerbel Yiddish
Dire-Gelt Italian The clip, lyrics, and translation are from this wonderful page: (in Dutch
Kan (Here) amen Hebrew kan was an Eurovision song and it got 2nd place in the contest in 1991. In turkey jews love this song. isak varol - turkey,istanbul
Levine, der Groyser Held Charles Tobias Harry Herschal Yiddish
Lomir singen dort un dort Yiddish A joyfull song which I like to begin slowly, alternating with other singers, and getting faster we sing together
Mama mia, mi querida Nelly Furtado Fresh Off The Boat English
Mi suegra, la negra Judeo-spanish A womans song from the repertoire of the Spanish traditional romancero. <BR
Mojshele, majn frajnt M. Gebirtig M. Gebirtig Yiddish (Clip here from Sidor Bilarsky's recording <a href=http://www.jewishmusic.
Porke yorach blanka ninya Judeo-spanish In some Sephardic communities the piyyut "Odekka Ki Anitani" is sung in the tune of this Sephardic song. This ballad is possibly based on four different romances well-known in the XIVth century, but certainly older. Conde Irlos leaves his wife and children and wants to go into the war. He states that his wife may sell the vineyard if necessary and that she may remarry if he will not be back after seven years. His mother wishes him bad luck since he will not stay home. The lyrics is from the booklet of a CD by Thibaudat
Sha,Sha, Es Zol Zein Shtil PAPIERNIKOV Yiddish
Una muchacha en Selanica Judeo-spanish Zimbuluchu is to be punished since she did not take care when cooking, and she spoiled the cabbish dish "yapraquito". She threatens her mother that she will become turkish and will be no longer jewish if her mother will really punish her. The text is from the booklet of a CD by Helhne Engel
Vi is dus gessele- jay and the americans
Yama, Yama (?) Yiddish Childhood memories the lyrics above are actually two separate songs mixed.
Yidd'l Mitt'n Fidd'l Yiddish Childhood memories
Yiddisher Twist DI REBBETSIN Yiddish
al kapav yavi artzi Hebrew
jidishe mame Yiddish