Dem Zeydns Nign (Grandfather's Tune)

Josh Waletzky

Shike Driz

Yiddish Lyrics

Gis mir on, mayn tayere,
A bekherl mit vayn
Lekhayim vel ikh trinken,
Gezunt zolstu mir zayn!
Gehert hob ikh der tseyln,
Az in dem vayn dem altn
Hot aleyn der zeydenyu a nigndl bahaltn


Gis mir on mayn tayere
A kelishik mit yayin
Far ale mayne libe
Vel ikh oys trinken lekhayim
Ikh hob gehert der tseyln,
Un s'iz mistam kayn lign
Az in der tsveyter koysye ligt dem zeydns nign.


Gis mir on, mayn tayere,
Dos same beste yayin
Lomir take far dem nign
Oys trinken lekhayim
Kener zogn, kener veysn
Dortn muz es lign afn dno fun driter koyse
Der nign shebenign


Pour me, my dear
A glass of wine
Let's drink to life,
We should all be healthy
I have heard it said
That in the old wine
Grandfather himself
Hid a song

Pour me, my dear,
A glass of wine,
To all my dear ones
Shall I drink my toast
I have heard it said
And it's probably no lie
That in the second glass
Lies grandfather's song

Pour me, my dear,
The very best wine
To the song
Let us drink a toast
The experts know, the experts say,
There is where it must lie,
At the bottom of the third cup
The song, the most beautiful song of all songs

The clip featured here is from Klezamir CD Back in the Shtetl Again". >Vel ikh oys trinken lekhayim >Ikh hob gehert der tseyln, these two lines should be written: Vel ikh oystrinken lekhayim Ikh hob gehert dertseyln,... 'oystrinken' is one word 'dertseyln' is one word. Reyzl Kalifowicz-Waletzky -wife of the composer


Added September 12th, 1999