An Emese Eyshes Khael

None Provided

as sung by Barry Sisters

Yiddish Lyrics

An emese Eyshes khayel
An emese Eyshes khayel
A tayere, kayn trayere, fun ir 'znito

A goldene neshome
A naches a nekhome
A libe froy, a gute mamenyu

Aza fayne froy vi zi
Brengt in hoyz nor harmony
s'lebn iz a simfony

Eyshes khayel, mi yimtso?


A genuine woman of merit
A genuine woman of merit
There's no one dearer and merrier as she is

A golden soul,
A delight, a comfort,
A loving wife, a good mom.

A nice woman like her
Brings home only harmony,
Life is a symphony

A woman of merit, who will find one ?

Eyshes-khayel, mi yimtso? (Proverbs 31:10) (This link doesn't exist anymore: )


Added December 10th, 2001