Levine, der Groyser Held

Charles Tobias

Harry Herschal

Yiddish Lyrics

In an aeropleyn iz dos geveyzn
vi a groyser man hot
ibergeshpant dem yam
ale yidn vos hobm geleyzn
veysn git derfin
ver s'hot der zakh getin

Oy, Levine, Levine,
mit Chamberlin gefloygn
un vi a fayl aroys fin boygn
iber dem tifn yam

Zayn vayb, di kinder
far zey dem sof bahaltn,
in biznis hot er gor gehaltn
in shif iz er arayn

di gantse velt hot gehaltn oygn ofn
nor gotes oyg hot im
bahitn katastrofn
Levine, Levine
keyn daytshland glaykh geflien
yetst veysn ale yidn take
ver dos hot oyfgetin

Af der velt hobm mir groyse yidn
un ikh veys dokh oys, Levine
iz oykh zeyr groys
Mir yidn zenen
gor mit im tsufridn
zey zenen gor nit "green"
Levine mit Chamberlin


In an aeroplane begins the story
of a flyer cool and brave who
flew across the waves
Everyone who read about his glory
without a doubt soon knew
that the hero was a Jew

Levine, Levine,
with Chamberlin togehter
Like an arrow from a quiver
shot across the sea

His wife and children,
knew nothing of his notion
to fly across the ocean
when he climbed into the plane.

The whole wide world watched in anticipation
but it was God who kept him
from annihilation
Levine, Levine
Your German destination
Brought you honor and adoration From Jews and Gentiles both.

In a world with other Jewish heroes
Levine can stand quite tall
beside them one and all
We Jews are proud of him
yes, that's for certain
You know who we mean:
Levine and Chamberline


Added May 3rd, 2000