Porke yorach blanka ninya

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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

- Porke yorach blanka ninya?
Porke yorach blanka flor?
Yoro por vos kavayero
ke vos vach i me dechach.

- Me dechach ninya i mutchatcha tchika
i de poka edad.
Tengo ninyos tchikitikos
yoran i demandan pan.

- Si demandan al sus padre,
he repuesta les vo a dar?
Metyo la mano en su petcho,
syen dovlones le fue a dar

- Esto para he m'abasta,
para vino o para pan?
Si esto no vos abasta,
ya tenech d'onde tomar:

- Venderech vinyas i kampos,
medya parte de la sivdad.
venderech vinyas i kampos
de la parte de la mar

- Vos asperarech a los syete,
si no, a los otcho vos hazach,
Tomarech un manseviko
ke pareska tal i kual.

Esto he sintyo su madre,
maldisyon le fue a etchar
- Todas las naves del mundo vayan
i abolten kon pas,

i la nave de mi ijo
vaya i no abolte mas.


- Why do you weep, white girl?
Why do you weep, white flower?
I weep since you, caballero,
go and let me alone.

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In some Sephardic communities the piyyut "Odekka Ki Anitani" is sung in the tune of this Sephardic song. This ballad is possibly based on four different romances well-known in the XIVth century, but certainly older. Conde Irlos leaves his wife and children and wants to go into the war. He states that his wife may sell the vineyard if necessary and that she may remarry if he will not be back after seven years. His mother wishes him bad luck since he will not stay home. The lyrics is from the booklet of a CD by Thibaudat


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