And the Youth Shall See Visions

Debbie Friedman

Text: Based on Gen. 12:1-2

English Lyrics

Childhood was for fantasies, for nursery rhymes and toys.
The world was much too busy to understand small girls and boys.
As I grew up, I came to learn that life was not a game,
That heroes were just people that we called another name.

And the old shall dream dreams, and the youth shall see
visions,And our hopes shall rise up to the sky.
We must live for today; we must build for tomorrow.
Give us time, give us strength, give us life.

Now I'm grown, the years have passed, I've come to understand:
There are choices to be made and my life's at my command.
I cannot have a future 'til I embrace the past.
I promise to pursue the challenge, time is going fast.

Today's the day I take my stand, the future's mine to hold.
Commitments that I make today are dreams from days of old.
I have to make the way for generations come and go.
I'll have to teach them what I've learned so they will come to know.


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Added November 29th, 1999