A Chasene Tants



Yiddish Lyrics


Shpilt oyf a chasene tants far ale kales
Vayl di chasanim kumen bals aher tsurik
Nisht mer benken, nisht mer treren
Lichtik vet di velt dan vern
Un leybn tsuzamen in sholem un glik.

Shpilt oyf a chasene tants, greyt on s'chupe kleydl
Antkeygn geyn vestu vi a bas-malke sheyn,
Tsurik fun felder un fun yamen,
Tsu dayn kale, tate-mamen
In fridn vet men tsu der chupe geyn.

Fun nont un vayt zeyr heldisheyt vet klingen
Di velt bafrayt
Itst veln zey libes-lider vider zingen
Klezmer shpilt a freylachs mit glants
Bald veln chosen-kale tantsen a chasene tants.

Vest nisht darfen brivalach mer shrayben
Vi shtark du benkst, du host im azoy lib
Zorg nisht, vest keyn meydl nisht farblaybn
Oy, bald mit dayn zivug boyen an eygene shtib.

Gekemft hot er dort vi a held, a ziger
In yedn noyt getracht hot er fun dir.
Itst vet er muzen kemfen mit a shviger
Oy, un mit a vayb un kleyne kinder fir.
Fregele, Chanele, Rifkele, Tsipele
Freydele, Malkele, Rochele, Mirele
Tsu dayn kale ker zich um geshvind
Oy, di velt vinsht aych a mazel-tov atsind.



Strike up the wedding dance for all our brides
For the grooms will soon return to us.
No more longing, no more tears,
Our world will shine again
As we live together in peace and joy.

Strike up the wedding dance, prepare the white dress,
Soon you'll go toward him like a princess,
As he returns from battlefields and oceans
To the bride and all the family
Then we'll prepare a wedding in peace.

Both near and far they'll speak of heroes' deeds
Now, with a world that's free
Love songs can be heard once more.
Play, musicians, a tune gay and magnificent,
For soon the couple will be dancing their wedding dance.

No more need for letter-writing
No more longing for the one you love,
No more worry over staying an old maid
Soon you'll both be building your own home.

Over there he fought, a hero and a victor
His thoughts with you through every dangerous path.
Hell fight again now - with a mother-in-law,
Yes, and with a wife and with some children too:
Fregele, Chanele, Rifkele, Tsipele
Freydele, Malkele, Rochele, Mirele
Turn back, return to your bride with haste
The whole world wishes you luck today.

From Theodore Bikel sings Yiddish Theatre and Folk Songs I would like to


Added May 22nd, 2000