A Chasene Tants Ellstein chosn Yiddish From Theodore Bikel sings Yiddish Theatre and Folk Songs I would like to
Adir Kevodo/Mipi El the pin panther Hebrew
Adir Kevodo/Mipi El the pin panther Hebrew
Adir kevodo/Mipi El Sephardic English from" Holiday songs in the sephardic heritage" by Chaim Parchi www.artmuz
Dance Rami Bar-Niv Composed to be performed following the "Prayer". Please see Published sheet music available from the artist.
Hi Torah Lanu Nittana Traditional Judeo-spanish A Tetouan Sephardic Moroccan Song for the Holiday of Simchat Torah. The language of the song is a mix of Ladino and Hebrew. This song has been recollected by Liliana Treves Alcalay
Mi Pi El Hebrew
Simchas toyre Mark Warshawsky Mark Warsharsky Yiddish Like many of Warshawsky's songs, there's a bit of gentle kidding going on; the singer, a self-described poor little Jew who only wants to celebrate simchas torah with a little song and a little glass or two of wine gets progressively drunker as each stanza progresses. The Klezmatics have a wonderful version of this song, a portion of which is linked here. The usually non-vocal members of the group each sings a stanza, very possiby with the aid of the wine mentioned in the song.
Simkhes Toyre Unknown Uknown Yiddish This cheerful song appears on Itzkhak Perlman's Recording in the Fiddler's House (a great klezmer beginner CD).
Simkhes Toyre (Simkhat Torah) Yiddish
Sisu V'Simcha Hebrew clip here from <a href=" /SoftCart.exe/