Hi Torah Lanu Nittana


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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Hi Torah nittana
chemigdal al Levanon
merosh senir ve Hermon
tashuri merosh Amana

Hi Torah Lanu nittana

De eya tomemos licencia
que nos dara' el galardon
Queren ver al Baal Hammon
Una gente muy litana

Hi Torah Lanu nittana

Betujaim uvimcholoth
con alegrias y plazere
salgan hombres y mujeres
diziendo las zemiroth

Hi Torah Lanu nittana

Harninu col Israel
al que sostiene el mundo
todos nos con nuestro gusto
con shirim shiru La El

Hi Torah Lanu nittana


This is the Law that was given us like a Tower in Lebanon
that from the tops of Senir and Hermon lloks at Anana

This is the law that was given to us

This is the excellence...the source of clear water like the
light on our faces...everybody celebrates Her. Let's follow
her and we'll be prized..the pious people want to see the
Lord of the World. With drums and dances..with merry
pleasure.. men and women go out to sing the zemiroth. May
all Israel rejoice for the Lord who supports the
World...we'll sing our songs to the Lord with all our joy.

A Tetouan Sephardic Moroccan Song for the Holiday of Simchat Torah. The language of the song is a mix of Ladino and Hebrew. This song has been recollected by Liliana Treves Alcalay


Added August 20th, 2000