Ah Succelah a Kleina

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Yiddish Lyrics

Ah succelah, ah kleina,
Fun breitelach gemeina,
Hubichch mir al succelah gimacht.

Fardekt dem dach,
mit a bisele s'chach,
zitzich mir en succelah bainacht.(x2)

Ah vind, ah kalten,
Blast durch dih shpalten,
Un de lechdeler zey leshen zich vild.

Es is mir ah chidush,
Vi Ich mach mir kiddush,
Un de lechtelech zey brenen gan shtil.(x2)

Zum Ershten gericht,
Mit a blasen gezicht
Brengt mir mein tochter'l arein.

Zee shtelt zich aveck,
Un zakt mit schreck
"Tatela de succah falt bald ein!"(x2)

Zei nisht kein nar,
Hot nisht kein tzar,
Zal dir de succah nisht tohn bong.

Es iz shoyn gor,
Bald tzvei toisend yor,
Un de succelah zi shteit noch gantz long.(x2)


A very small succah,
From very thin pieces of wood,
I made for myself a succah.

I covered the roof,
With a little bit of schach.
I would sit in my succah each night.(x2)

A very cold wind,
Blows through the cracks
And the lights seem to be going out.

For me it is quite unique,
That I can make kiddush,
the lights continue to glow.(x2)

From the very first course,
With a pained look on her face,
My little daughter comes to me.

She stands nearby,
And she says with great fear,
Daddy the succahs falling down!(x2)

Dont be a fool,
Dont be worried,
Because this succah is not falling down.

It has already been,
Two thousand years,
And the little succah stands strong and firm.(x2)

I heard this song on JM in the AM: Norman Laster played two versions on his Friday morning program 9/28. It is in their recording archive as follows: http://www.jmintheam.org/. Go to the "listen to archives" link, choose the September 28, 2001 streaming audio file, and then move the slider to the time: 1:27:29 to find the begining of the song. Here is my attempt at the lyrics. I don't know too much Yiddush so I was just sounding out the words. Perhaps you can clean them up. Thanks for your web page! Category is Holidays, Succos


Added October 1st, 2001