Adonai S'Fatay Liturgy Hebrew THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks.
Ah Succelah a Kleina Yiddish I heard this song on JM in the AM: Norman Laster played two versions on his Friday morning program 9/28. It is in their recording archive as follows: Go to the "listen to archives" link, choose the September 28, 2001 streaming audio file, and then move the slider to the time: 1:27:29 to find the begining of the song. Here is my attempt at the lyrics. I don't know too much Yiddush so I was just sounding out the words. Perhaps you can clean them up. Thanks for your web page! Category is Holidays, Succos
Di Yontevdike Teg (The Festival Days) Warshavsky, Mark M. (1840-1907) Warshavsky, Mark M. (1840-1907) Yiddish
Ele, Bele Z. Berdichever Z. Berdichever Yiddish
Hava Nagilah traditional Abraham Zevi Idelsohn and Moshe Nathanson English In grade school my music teacher provided an English translation containing the following lyrics: Over the valley, voices are singing, bells are a'ringing! Dance, everyone, dance! Come to the valley, run through the clover. Harvest is over! Dance, everyone, dance! Dance where the corn grows high, under a golden sky. Dance where the wine was born. Dance, everyone dance. Whirl and turn about, lift up your arms and shout, join hands and kick along. Dance, everyone dance. Turn left, turn right, hold tight. Lift your feet, the heart will follow. Lift your voice, fill the hollow. Spread your wings, like the swallow. Spread your wings, like the swallow. Fly away... greet the day! Dance, dance, everybody dance! The song that everyone has danced to at least 100 times at weddings, bat m
Hej, klesmorim Mordechaj Gebirtig Mordechaj Gebirtig Yiddish I just found it in a Gebirtig song book.
I'm writing a letter to Mama Yiddish garage sale record bought in Montreal in 1960's....Have record so I could transcribe details...
In rod arajn
It's a Tree of Life (Etz Chaim) Richard Silverman Hebrew Song is in Manginot - composer Richard Silverman. It is written as a round, simple words, just a little tricky rhythm.
Khag Li (My Holiday) Hebrew A simple song of a child rejoicing in a holiday. <p>Clip here from album
Khanukeh iz a yom-tev shein. -- -- -- -- Yiddish
Lo Yisa Goy Shalom Altman Isaiah 2:4 Hebrew clip here from recording <a href=" bin/Sof