Anashim Tovim

Naomi Shemer

Naomi Shemer

Hebrew Lyrics

Tiftechu et haeinayim tistaklu saviv
Po vasham nigmar hachoref ve nichnas aviv
Basade leyad haderech yesh kvar dganiot
Al tagidu li she kol ze lo yachol lihiot

Anashim tovim be emtsa haderech
Anashim tovim meod
Anashim tovim yod'im et haderech
Ve itam efshar litsod

Ish echad natan li sefer ben me'ah shana
Ish acher natan kinor sheyesh bo mangina
Ve isha tova acheret li natna et shma
Ve meaz ani baderech shara bimkoma



Open your eyes and look around
Here and there winter is over and spring has begun
In the field near the road there are already cornflowers
Don't tell me all of this can't be true

Good people are in the middle of the road
Very good people
Good people know the way
And with them it's possible to walk

One man gave me a book, 100 years old
Another man gave a violin, with a melody inside
And another good lady gave me her name
And since then I'm on the road singing in her place


One man gave me a 100 years old book
another man gave a violin with a tune
and another good lady gave me her name
and ever since I'm on the road singing in her name


Naomi Shemer's songs are available in Hebrew, with sheet music, in 4 song books she put out: All My Songs/Kol HaShirim; Book No. 2/Sefer Bet; Book No. 3/Sefer Gimmel and Book No. 4/Sefer Daled.


Added August 17th, 2000