23 Psalm

Dan Coulthard


English Lyrics

God is the one that looks after me
He tells me to sleep in natural land
He tells me where to go and what to do
He tells me that I must believe in him
He tells me where I should go so that everyone knows it is him that
tells me to do it
When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I take a look
at my life and realise there's nothing left
I don't fear evil ansd I'm guided by a stick and an old man
The old man has made a three course meal for me, even with my enemies
I am christened with oil and holy water, but there is too much to
The good and bad things of life will follow me for the rest of my life
because I believe in the old man forever


king james

The singer sings the words in the backround as the Psalm is recitrd. The music is a classical piece. Very moving. It is from a CD titled American Jew put out on the Sidtrea Label. The recording artist is Jeff Jann


Added October 3rd, 2002