Az Der Rebbe

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Yiddish Lyrics

Az der rebe zingt
Zingn ale khasidim

Az der rebe tantzt
Tantzn ale khasidim

Az der rebe shlof
Shlofn ale khasidim

Az der rebe lakht
Lakhn ale khasidim

Az der rebe est
Fresn ale khasidim

Un az der rebe redt
Shvaygn ale khasidim!


When the rebbe sings,
All the khasidim sing,

And when he dances,
They all dance,

And when he sleeps,
All the khasidim sleep,

And when he laughs,
They all laugh with him,

When he eats,
They also stuff themselves,

But when he talks,
The khasidim are quiet.

Frequently mistaken today for a Chassidic song, this originated as a Misnaggdishe song, mocking Chassidim for following rebbes without thinking for themselves. As the controversy died down, the original meaning of the song was lost, and the popular tune took on the opposite of its original meaning. Peter Stark, 4/10/2002 Whatever the rabbi does - the khasidim follow him -- except when he talks, which is when they stifle their mimicry and absorb his wisdom. A nice twist in the last verse. This is a great, joyous song, one of my favorites.


Added May 4th, 1999