Beltz, Mayn Shtetele Beltz

Olshanetsky, Alexander (1892-1946)

Jacobs, Jacob (1892-1972)

Yiddish Lyrics

Az ikh tu mir dermonen
Mayne kindershe yorn,
Punkt vi a kholem
Zet dos mir oys.
Vi zet oys dos hayzele,
Vos hot amol geglantzt,
Tzi vakst nokh dos beymele,
Vos ikh hob farflantzt?

Oy, oy, oy Beltz, mayn shtetele Beltz,
Mayn heymele, vu ikh hob
Mayne kindershe yorn farbrakht.
Beltz, mayn shtetele Beltz,
In ormen shtibele,
Mit ale kinderlekh dort gelakht.
Oy, eden Shabes fleg ikh loyfn
Mit ale inglekh tzuglaykh
Tzu zitzn unter dem grinem beymele,
Leynen bay dem taikh
Oy oy oy Beltz,
Mayn shtetele Beltz,
Mayn heymele, vu kh'hob gehat
Di sheyne khaloymes a sakh.

Dos shtibl is alt,
Bavaksn mit mokh
Dos shtibl is alt,
In fentzter keyn gloz
Dos shtibl is alt,
Tzeboygn di vent,
Ikh volt shoyn zikher
Dos vider nit derkent



When I recall my childhood,
I feel like I am having a dream.
how does the little house look,
which used to sparkle with lights?
Does the little tree grow which I planted long ago?

Beltz, my little town! The little house where I spent my
The poor little room where I used to laugh with other
Every Shabes I would run to the river bank to play with
other children under a little green tree.
Belz, my little town!
My little town where I had so many fine dreams!

The little house is old and overgrown wit moss.
The old roof collapsed and the windows are without glass.
The attic is crooked, the walls bent.
I would never recognize it...


One of the all-time favorites. Looking back at our little hometowns...


Added May 29th, 1999