Brider, mir hobn geshlosn

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Chaim Aleksandrov

Yiddish Lyrics

O Brider, mir hobn geshlosn,
af lebn un toyt a farband;
mir shteyn in shlakht vi genosn,
di fone di royte in hant.

un s'treft dikh a koyl mayn getrayer
a koyl fun dem soyne dem hund
dan tsi ikh dikh aroys bald fun fayer
un heyl dir mit kushn dayn vund

Un bistu gefaln a toyter,
di oygn, di libe farmakht,
dan vikl ikh dikh in der fone der royter
un fal mit dir tsuzamen in shlakht.


Brothers, we have forged,
A pact of life and death.
We stand in struggle as comrades,
the red flag in hand.

and should a bullet strike you,
a bullet from the enemy, the dog
then I take you out of the fire
and heal your wounds with kisses.

And should you fall dead,
Your dear eyes closed,
I'll wrap you in the red flag,
And fall with you in the battle.

Sung by Jewish soldiers of the "Brigadas internacionales" during the Spani


Added November 15th, 1999