title: BULBES


Yiddish Lyrics

Zuntik bulbes, montik bulbes,
Dinstik un mitvokh bulbes,
Donershtik un fraytik bulbes.
Shabes in a novine a bulbe-kigele!
Zuntik vayter bulbes!

Broyt mit bulbes, fleysh mit bulbes,
Varimes un vechere bulbes,
Ober un vider bulbes,
Eynmol in a novine a bulbe-kigele!
Zuntik vayter bulbes!

Ober bulbes, vider bulbes,
Nokh amol un oder amol bulbes!
Haynt un morgn bulbes!
Ober Shabes nokhn cholnt a bulbe-kigele!
Zuntik vayter bulbes!


On Sunday - potatoes, on Monday - potatoes, on Tuesday and
Wednesday - potatoes, on Friday - potatoes, on Sabbath - a
novelty, the potato kugel. On Sunday - potatoes again.

Bread with potatoes, meat with potatoes, lunch and dinner -

potatoes, potatoes over and over again.
One meal is a novelty - the potato pie.
On Sunday -- potatoes again!

There is a version of this song by The Fugs, available on "The Fugs First Album" and probably other collections. It is retitled "Nothing." Tuli Kupferberg sings first in English and then in Yiddish (followed by a verse in Spanish). After the multilingual opening, there are several verses listing people and activities that Tuli characterizes as "nothing."


Added February 5th, 2020