Der International

elvis crespo


English Lyrics

Suavemente, besame
que quiero sentir tus labios
besandome otra vez


Suave, Besame , besame
Suave, Besame otra vez
Suave, Que quiero sentir tus labios
Suave, Besandome otra vez
Suave, Besame, besame
Suave, Besame un poquito
Suave, Besa , besa , besa
Suave, Besame otro ratito
Pequea, hechate pa'ca

Cuando tu me besas
me siento en el aire
por eso cuando te veo
comienzo a besarte
Y si te despegas yo me despierto
de ese rico sueo que me dan tus besos


Besame suavecito,
sin prisa y con calma
Dame un beso bien profundo
que me llegue al alma
Dame un beso mas que en mi boca cabe
Dame un beso despacito
dame un beso suave


Suave, Tus labios tienen
Suave, Ese secreto
Suave, yo beso y beso
Suave, y no lo encuentro
Suave, un beso suave
Suave, es lo que anhelo
Suave, un beso tuyo
Suave, es lo que quiero

Suave, Yo me pregunto
Suave, que tienen tus besos
Suave, trato de escaparme
Suave, y me siento preso
Suave, besa, besa, besame un poquito
Suave, besa, besa, besa, besame otro ratito

Suave, Besame , besame
Suave, besame otra vez
Suave, que yo quiero sentir tus labios
Suave, besandome suavemente
Suave, tiernamente
Suave, cariosamente
Suave, dulcemente, besame mucho

Sin prisa y con calma
Que yo quiero sentir tus labios
besandome otra vez


The Yiddish version of the International, the Communist anthem. (from Mendele, February 12): In reply to Ron Kuzar's questions (Mendele 09.056), here are a few answers gleaned from examining the sheet music, published by Metro Music in New York. The original copyright in 1912 was by Joseph P. Katz, and was assigned in 1927 to Henry Lefkowitch. The sheet music attributes the music and arrangement to Eugene Potter and Max Persin, respectively. The English version is by Charles H. Kerr. The yiddish version, not precisely a translation, is given, but no mention is made of the author. The covers are printed in red, and the catalogue of music on the back cover is printed in Russian. Mint copies of the sheet music are available from the National Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, Mass. L'Internationale (The International) was a revolutionary song that emerged in connection with the development of the working class movement in late nineteenth-century France. The words are by Pottier (1871) and the music by Degeyter. L'Internationale has since come to be associated with all communist movements, and is still sung standing with fist clenched to symbolize working class solidarity.


Added June 15th, 1999