Di Ban (The Train)

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Yiddish Lyrics

Tsu hot men azoyns gezen
Tsu hot men azoyns gehert
Az fayer un vaser zol shlepn vi a ferd.

Oy hot er a fayer
Mit an eyzernen koyech
Fun unten gist zich vaser
Fun oyvn geyt a royech.

Heyse koyln zenen far im a maychl
Zudendik vaser
Zapt er in zayn baychl.

Oy hot er a fayfer.....

Riboynoy shel oylom
Farkorts im zayne yoren
Az Iden apikorsim zoln nit kenen shabes forn.

Oy hot er a fayfer.....


Has one seen the like, has one heard the like,
That fire and water should pull like a horse?

And that whistle! Such iron strength;
You pour water from beneath and steam rises above!

Hot coals are food for it,
Boiling water it swallows in its belly.

And that whistle.....

Lord in Heaven, shorten its years,
So that unpious Jews shouldn't be tempted to travel on the

And that whistle....


Added June 18th, 1999