Di Gatnse Velt Iz a Teater

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English Lyrics

There is no business like show business
Khotsh men zugt s'iz nit ay ay!
Yeder klogt zikh az s'iz shlekhte tsaytn
Az teater iz an invalid
Nor ikh vel mayn profesye nit farbaytn
Ikh shver aykh itst vi ikh bin a yid
Vayl mir makhn di velt lakhn
Khotsh gelt makhn mir nit
Haynt iz dos teater leydik, s'iz farmakht
In morgn tantst men dort in me'lakht
Men patsht idkh in di neygst zikh bis a halbe nakht
Ot dos shtel ich aykh for:
Teater in der aktyor


There's no business like show business
Althought people say it's not so "ay ay ay"
Everyone complains that times are bad
That the theater is an invalid
But I don't want to change professions
I swear to you as I am a Jew
Because we make the world laugh
Although we don't make any money
Today the theater is empty, it's all closed up
And tomorrow people are dancing and laughing
They applaud and you bow half the night through
Now that I present to you:
theater and the actor


Added December 28th, 1999