Dia de Shabat

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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Dia de shabat mi madre
la horica dando dos
fuego sali' al Agua Mueva
en Beyaz Kule
Que lo sepas mancevicos
Los pecados del shabat
se ensanyo el Patron del mundo
mos mando' a dDudalar.
Las casicas estan quemando
el fuego sale al cielo
Las mozicas van llorando
l'anxugar se les quemo'
tres palombas van volando
haciendo el truicion
Mos quedimos arrazados
sin tener habitacion


On the day of Shabbath mother the clock struck two. The
fire broke at New Water in Beyaz Kule. You should know
children the sins against Shabbath enraged the Master of
the World he sends us to pain.
The houses are burning the fire reaches the heavens
the girls cry the trousseaus are on fire.
three pigeons fly up in their suffering. We've lost our
roots and are without shelter.

This narrative song is about a famous Burning in Thessaloniki (Greece). Following the tradition the fire started in the Jewish Quartier because a girl started to cook during the Shabbath.


Added August 24th, 2000