Dos Talisl

H. Wohl

None Provided

Yiddish Lyrics

Dos talisl is dokh di eyntsike treyst
Far di yid in zayn freyd in zayn leyd (?).
Fun zayn geburtstog biz in keyver, geyt es mit im mit.
Zayn leybn vert geyogt,
?? trogt,
Ales vos er farmogt
Nemt men tsi fun im.
Ales, ales nor dem talis nemt men mit.


(reprinted from Mendele) Bernard Katz asked about lyrics to a song identified by Nina Warnke as "Dos Talisl." Until someone can provide more complete details, here's what I know. I've got an LP (vintage late 1950s - early 1960s?) called "Songs my mother sang to me" by the Malavsky Family Choir, issued under Tikva Records (record T-2?). The version is short and lachrymose -- not surprisingly, given the theme -- and includes a spoken monologue presumably written by the Malavskys. The LP credits the song to one "H. Wohl." I believe I've seen a longer version in sheet music somewhere, but I don't own it. It may be melodramatic, but I like the rendition. This song can be found on CD Malevsky Family Yossele Rosenblatt has a recording of this song as well.


Added December 16th, 1999