El Rey por Muncha madruga


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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

El rey por muncha madruga
Onde la reina se iba
A la reina topo4 en cavellos
Peina4dose sus destrensados.

con espejo do oro en sus manos
Mira4dose su bel galano
El rey por burlar con ella
Le apreto4el lado.

Esta4te Angelino
el mi primer enamorado
Dos hijos tengan tuyos
Y dos del rey se hacen quatro.

Escapando estas palavras
La su cara aboltaria4
Pardon sinor rey
Un sueno soltaria.

Sueno vos sonarix
Yo vo lo soltari4a
Con un vestido blanco
Y un collar colorado.


The king, who rises early in the morning
Went to see his queen.
He found her with loosened hair
Combing her tresses.

With golden mirror in her hand
Looking at her beautiful body
the king in jest
Touched her on her side.

Be still, Angelino
My first lover
I have two sons by you
and two by the king makes four

Having uttered these words
She turned her face
"Pardon me, my king
I must have been relating a dream."

"You may have been dreaming
but I will explain it to you
with a white Gown
And a red necklace."

Songs dealing with the issuse of adultery are the exception in Ladino music. In this story, the queen's unconscious admission of an extra- marital relationship results in her quite literally losing her head the allusion to the 'red necklace).(the white dress was the manner in which those condemned to Death were clothed in.) If memory serves, Alhambra recorded this song


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