Erev Ba

A. Levanan

O. Avissar

Hebrew Lyrics

Shuv haeder noher bimvoot hakfar
V'ole haavak mishvile afar
v'harchek od tsemed inbalim
M'lave et meshech hatslalim
Erev ba

Shuv haruach lochesh
Beyn gidrot ganim
Uvtsameret habrosh
Kvar namot yonim

Verharchek al ketef hagva'ot
Od noshkot karnayim achronot
Erev ba

Shuv havered cholem
Chalomot balat
Uforchim kochavim
bamarom at at

Verharchek ba'emek ha'afel
Melave hatan et bo halel
Layil rad


Again the flock is flowing to the outskirts of the city
And the dust rises up from the paths.
Far away the bells accompany the coming of the shadows.
Evening comes, evening comes.

Again the wind whisppers
among the garden fences
And in the tops of the cypress trees
Doves are already sleeping

And far away, the last rays of sunlight still kiss
The shoulders of the hills
Evening has come

Again the rose dreams
Its dreams in secret
And stars flower
little by little the skky

And far away, in the dark valley
The jackal accompanies the coming of night
Night has fallen

The clip featured here is from the CD Sleep My Child THIS SONG IS NOW LINKED ON THE HEBREW SONGS DOT COM WEBSITE. We acknowledge Zemerl with thanks. . . . . . .


Added September 16th, 1999