Far Vos? (Why?)

Sue Roemer

Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941).

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Far vos iz dos likhtele farloshn?
Ikh hob es gehitn fun vint un fun shturem,
Gevolt est zol brenen--
Derfar iz dos likhtele farloshn.

Far vos iz dos blimele farvyanet?
Ikh hob es gehitn, tsum hartsn getulyet,
Gevolt es zol blien --
Derfahr iz dos blimele farvaynet.

Far vos iz di strune tserisn?
Ikh hob zi getsoygn alts hekher un shtarker,
Gevolt zi zol shpiln --
Derfar iz di strune tserisn.


Why did the flame go out? I
protected it from wind and storm; I
so wanted it to burn. Why did the
flower fade? I held it close to my
breast; I so wanted it to bloom.
Why did the string burst? I
stretched it tauter; I wanted the
music to soar higher and higher.

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