Hayom Harat Olam


High Holiday Liturgy


Hayom harat olam
Hayom yaamid bamishpat
Kol yetsurey olamim
Yim kevanim, yim kaavadim
Rakhameynu berakhem av al banim
Veyim kaavadim eyneynu lekha tluyot
Ad shekhataneynu vetazi kaor mishpateynu
Ayom kadosh


After each of the three main sections of the Musafprayers on Rosh Hashanah, the shofar is sounded. This is followed by a prayer proclaiming that this day, Rosh Hashanah, commemorates the birth of the universe, and that on this day human beings stand before their Creator either as children or servants. This prayer asks God to relate to humanity with the mercy of a Father or to take note of the beseeching eyes of His servants and to respond with graciousness. (more on this page: http://www.learn.jtsa.edu/topics/arts/aud_hhday/track21.shtml


Added October 5th, 2000