Hey Dzhankoye (Az men fort kayn Sevastopol)

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Yiddish Lyrics

Az men fort kayn sevastopol,
Iz nit vayt fun Simferopol,
Dortn iz a stantsie faran.
Ver dar zuchn naye glikn?
S'iz a stantsie an antikl
In Dzhenkoye, dzhan, dzhan dzhan

Hey dzhan, hey dzhankoye
Hey dzhanvili, hey dzhankoye
Hey dzhankoye, dzhan dzhan dzhan

Enfert yidn af mayn kashe,
Vu'z mayn bruder, vu'z Abrasher?
S'geyt ba im der trakter vi a ban
Di mume Leye ba der kosilke
Beyle ba der molotilke
In dzhankoye...

Ver zogt as yidn konen nor handlen
Esn fete yoych mit mandlen,
Nor nit zayn kayn arbetsman?
Dos konen zogn nor di sonim -
Yidn, shpayt zey on in ponim
Tut a kuk af dzhan dzhan dzhan


When you go to Sevastopol
Not too far from Simferopol
There's a little depot there
Why seek your luck elsewhere?
It's a special kind of depot.
In Zhankoye, zhan zhan zhan

Hey zhan, hey Zhankoye
Hey zhanvili, hey Zhankoye
Hey Zhankoye, zhan zhan zhan

Jews, answer my question
Where's my brother Abrasha?
He who rides his tractor like a train
Aunt Leah is at the mower
Bella is working the thresher
In zhankoye...

Who says that Jews can only be traders
And eat fat soup with soup nuts
But cannot be workingmen?
Only our enemies can say that -
Jews, let's spit right in their faces,
Simply look at zhan, zhan, zhan

This Crimean farm song became popular in the United States, Canada, and Palestine. clip here from Rebbecca West's website and her album A Bisl Libe and a Bisele Glik


Added June 20th, 1999