In Greenen Vald

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Yiddish Lyrics

In greenen vald, af a hoykhen boym
Iz a vevyeke gezetsn
Hot zi dort a nissele gek'nokt
Un ung'hoybn tzu essen

Tanzhe, tanzhe vevyeke
Mir velln alle zingn
Varf arup a nissele
Mir velln alle shpringn


In the green woods, upon a tall tree
Sat a little squirrel
There she cracked a nut
And began to eat.

Dance, dance, little squirrel!
We'll all sing!
Toss us down a nut --
We'll all spring!

My grandmother A"H used to sing this song to us when we were small. I would watch her holding my infant brother and bouncing him up and down with pleasure as she said "Tanzhe tanzhe!" ("Dance, dance!")


Added August 24th, 2000