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David Edelstadt

Yiddish Lyrics

Mir vern gehast un getribn
mir vern gepflogt un farfolgt.
un alts nor derfar vayl mir libn
dos oreme shmakhtnde volk.

Mir vern dershosn, gehangen
men roybt undz dos lebn un rekht.
derfar vayl mir emes farlangen-
un frayheyt far oreme knekht.

Shmit undz in ayzerne keytn
vi blutike khayes undz rayst
ir kent undzer kerper nor teytn
nor keyn mol undzer heylikn gayst.

Ir kent undz dermordn tiranen
naye kemfer vet brengen di tsayt.
un mir kemfn mir kempfn biz vanen
di gantse velt vet vern bafrayt


We are despised and driven,
We are tortured and persecuted;
for we cherish the poor and the weak people.

We are shot and hanged,
robbed of our lives and our rights,
for we demand truth and freedom for downtrodden slaves.

Cast us into iron chains,
tear us apart like bloody beasts;
you can only kill our bodies;
but never our precious spirit.

You can murder us, tyrants,
but time will bring new fighters;
and we fight, we fight until
the entire world is freed.

One of the most popular worker songs written in America in 1889 by the anar


Added January 14th, 2003