Kalt Vaser


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Zetz, und gis kalt Vaser, kalt Vaser, kalt Vaser
Zetz, und gis kalt Vaser, kalt Vaser, kalt Vaser
kalt Vaser gis und Zetz.

Ich hob a Chawer Yashe, er hot a Kale eyech.
heysn heyst zi Mashe a gezunt ir nor in boyech.
Brent di Libe men hot im geshtelt a Khupe bald,
und noch der Khupe zog ich im,
vos steyst du vi a yolt? Oy!


Dokter, klogt zich Yashe, mayn Vayb vil nit fargeyn
Ich hob gelernt Rashi, s'hot nit geholfen neyn.
T'hilim oych gezogt hob ich,
S'iz keyn Hilf faran.
Zogt der Dokter: Ir folgt mir,
s'iz nor do eyn Plan: Oy !

Tsvey altishke bitsfunes, er nayntsik, achtsik zi
Next-door bay koni-munis un zey hern zich tsi
Ich bin mekane zey, shrayt er, zey lebn, s'geyt a Roych
Zogt im di alte: Kum aher, un to doszelbe oych. Oy!

Yente, Social Tutsel, Berl, shmerl too
Un ich, Shnitsel-Putsel un die vos zitsn do
Nemt zich ale on mit Koyech, sing mit all your might
Lost mir hern in der hoych, zusamen mit mir shrayt: Oy!



Zetst un giz kalt Vaser
is the water pooring in the russian steambath

I have a friend Yshe he has a bride as well
Her name is Mashe, may her womb be healthy
The love burnd, the come under the Khupe
After the Khupe i say to him
what are you staying like a fool?
Setzt und giz kalt vaser

Doktor, Yashe complains,
my wife wont become pregnant
I have learnt Rashi it didnt help oh no!
Psalms I sayd also, id didnt help either
Says the dokter, you shall follow my instructions
There is only one plan:

An old couple, he ninety, she's eighty
Listen at their nextdoor neighbor
How I do envy them, he says,
they live, that smoke comes out (very hot love)
Says his old wife, come over here
And do the same to me.
Setzt ....

the song is a typical american yiddish theater song It was interpreted 30 years ago by Bikel together with other songs of the yiddish theater. This 33 record is now available on CD as well.


Added April 28th, 2000