Kinder Yorn

Gebirtig, Mordkhe (1877-1942)

Gebirtig, Mordkhe (1877-1942)

Yiddish Lyrics

Kinderyorn, size kinderyorn
Eybik blaybt ir vakh in mayn zikorn;
Ven ikh trakht fun ayer tzayt,
Vert mir azoy bang un layd.
Oy, vi shnel bin ikh shoyn alt gevorn.

Nokh shteyt mir dos shtibl far di oygn,
Vu ikh bin geboyrn oygetzoygn
Oykh mayn vigl ze ikh dort,
Shteyt nokh oyf dem zelbn ort -
Vi a kholem is doz altz forfloygn.

Nokh ze ikh dikh, Feygele, du sheyne,
Nokh kush ikh di royte beklekh dayne,
Dayne oygn ful mit kheyn,
Dringen in mayn hartz arayn,
Kh'hob gemeynt, du vest amol zayn mayne.

Kinderyorn, kh'hob aykh ongevoyrn.
Mayn getraye mamen oykh farloyrn,
Fun der shtub nishto keyn flek,
Feygele iz oykh avek,
Oy vi shnel bin ikh shoyn alt gevorn.


Years of childhood, forever you will remain with me.
Whenever I think of those years, I grow sad -
How quickly did I become old!

There stands the little houes where I was born, where I
played as a child.
There remains my cradle in which I slept.
All that is gone like a dream.

I can still see the pretty Feyegele.
I kissed her on her red cheeks,
and her eyes drew my heart to her.
I dreamt you would be mine.

Years of childhood, you are long gone.
My dear mother is gone for ever.
Feygele is no more, the house is gone long ago.
How quickly have I grown old!

I can still esee the pretty Feygele.
I kissed her on her red cheek

A melancholy song about our children's years I have heard several versions of this popular song. My favourite is one by Chava Alberstein, arranged for cello, piano, children's chorus and solo voice. It can be found on Alberstein's "Yiddish Songs Collection" CD. It is the most heartfelt and beautiful version of "Kinder Yorn". . The real audio clip featured here is from a beautiful recording by the Kol Aviv Ensemble with Talila, "Chants Yiddish - Yiddish Songs". Click here to find out more about it.


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