Kita Almonit (The Nameless Platoon)

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Hebrew Lyrics

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All the valleys resound with the echo of song,
As they march on to challenge the foe,
They will fight, though the battle is bitter and long.
To defend all our borders they go. 2x

Let us sing to the nameless platoon  as they
march on,
Strong and firm as the granite, until their task is
For their soul is afire and their banner held high.
They will fight till the battle is won.
Let us sing, sing this tune,
Let us sing to the nameless platoon.

On the Galilee paths, on the shore of Eilat,
In the nights 'neath a pale desert moon,
There they march to the fight with their weapons
at hand,
Let us honor the nameless platoon. 2x
Let us sing to...

The platoon in their splendor march on to their
And their laughter rings out loud and clear.
Though their days may be weary and long are
their nights,
They will guard us and keep us safe from fear.2x

Let us sing to...

See their youth as they move down the path one
by one,
See their eyes as they march proud and free,
For the nameless platoon, as in ages gone by,
Still is leading us on to liberty. 2x
Let us sing to...

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Added November 6th, 1999