La Vida Do Por El Raqum

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Judeo-spanish Lyrics

Por vida


yzd yzizi rc ali ci
l` nim `l` iio
`zo gii rl awaewi
ki hea ndm li `io

Lyrics corrections: La vida do por el raqui no havlo con dinguno Translation: I give my life for raqui (it's a type of alcohol from the Balkans) I cannot give it up I never got bored (tired of) of loving it so much When it is in the barrel I don't talk to anybody But when I get on fire (Kior=C'mo Or ; Kandil=gas lamp) I even fall in the mud This is a song about Raque, raqui or raquia, a type of alcohol still popular in the Balkans and Turkey , and the effects it has on people.


Added August 15th, 2000