Lach Yerushalayim

Eli Rubinstein

Amos Etinger

Hebrew Lyrics

Lach Yerushalayim, bein chomot hair
Lach Yerushalayim or chadash ya'ir

Belibeynu, belibeynu rak shir echad kayam
lach Yerushalayim, beyn Yarden vayam

Lach Yerushalayim, nof k'dumim vahod
Lach Yerushalayim, lach razim vasod

Lach Yerushalayim, shir nisa tamid
Lach Yerushalayim, ir migdal David


For you Jerusalem, between city walls
For you Jerusalem, a new light will shine

In our hearts only one song exists,
For you Jerusalem, between the Jordan and the sea

For you Jerusalem, an ancient and glorious view
For you Jerusalem, mysteries and a secret

For you, Jerusalem, we carry a song forever
For you, Jerusalem, city of David's tower

Last paragraph of translation: should be For you, Jerusalem, we will always sing


Added December 29th, 1999