Lecha Dodi

david g

from the Kabbalat Shabbat Liturgy

Hebrew Lyrics


Come, my beloved, to greet the Bride,
Let us welcome in Shabbos!

"Observe" and "Remember" in a single word
Our incomparable God made us hear.
Adonai is One, and God's name is One,
Famous, glorious, and praiseworthy.

Let us go out and greet Shabbos
Because it is the source of blessing.
Honored from the beginning, from ancient times;
The end of creation, but in thought the first.

Wake up! Wake up!
For your light has come, rise up and shine!
Awaken! Awaken! Utter a song:
The glory of God is revealed in you!

Enter in peace, crowning of our mastery,
Also in gladness, and in joy,
Amidst the faithful, the holy people,
Enter, Bride. Enter, Bride.

There are many differents versions of this song: I know at least three; the Ashkenazi one (which you can hear here: http://www.jewishmusic.com//sound/sastb10d_04.rm?E+jmcom), another one from Breslaw and one Sepharadi one... I'm still looking for others... Michel [email protected] http://borzykowski.users.ch There is a nice Hassidic version of L'cha Dodi at: http://chabadmusic.com/ It's listed as song sample from the tape "The Shabbat Synagogue Companion" they sell. It's the whole song in a nice upbeat melody with piano accompaniment. Click on the link on this page to hear it. The rest of the tape is great too. -Reuven [email protected]


Added October 7th, 1999