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Spanish Lyrics

(German transliteration)
Sol sajn, as ich boj in der luft majne schlesser.
Sol sajn, as majn got is in ganzen nischt do.
In trojm wet mir lajchter, in trojm wet mir besser,
||: in trojm is der himl mir blojer wi blo. :||

Sol sajn, as ich wel majn zil nischt derlangn.
Sol sajn, as majn schif wet nischt kumen zum bschjeg.
Es gejt nischt indejm, ich sol hobn dergangn,
||: es gejt nor zu gejn oif dem sunikn weg. :||


from (finds chords to the song there) this song is by Papiernikov the Yiddish poet who lived in Israel - title is incorrect. It is called Zol Zayn, which is the title of a video from Israel (I think you can get it from Beit Hatfutzot.) Keep up the great work. It's a poet's philosphy. Let it be that I build my castles in the air. It's better in my dreams ... etc. If you like I'll give you a complete translation. fondly sylvia schildt


Added May 17th, 2001