Oy! Vey! Rebeynu

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Yiddish Lyrics

Oy! Wey! Rebbenyu! Rebbenyu! Rebbenyu!
Oy! Wey! Rebbenyu!
Tswish'n Kosef un Kitef,
Iz a weldale farannen.
Futer Baal Shem, Futer Baal Shem,
Dort iz Tatenyu gegangen.


Oy vey! Our rebbe! Our rebbe! Our rebbe!
Oy vey! Our rebbe!
Between Kosef and Kitef
Is a [something something]
Where the Baal Shem, where the Baal Shem
Went with his father.

from the jewish-music listserv: I learned it a few months ago in Berlin from the beautiful norwegian yiddish singer Bente Kahan. Michel Sara: I was just in Vilne (and I too learned it from Bente!) but I've also heard it go by the name of "Twish'n Kosef un Kitef". There are a lot of verses,and I don't speak enough Yiddish that I remember any of them. The verses are all about 'Between Kosef and Kitef is a little [something], where [I learned this as avu, not futer -?] the Baal Shem [founder of Hasidism] would [do something]. The somethings vary with each verse.


Added March 15th, 2000