Parnuse in Gezint (Parnase un Gezunt)

Max Perlman

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Yiddish Lyrics

A bisele parnuse in gezint
O dos iz ales vos ikh vil atzind
Vayl ver darf zayn a milyoner
Raykhtum iz nit mayn bager
Ikh vil hobn nor a bisl glik
A shtibele a heymele
A gortn mit a beymele
A bisele parnuse iz genig

'Kh hob nisht gehat kayn gedank
Un keyn mol kayn farlang
Tsu lebn in luxus, zayn raykh
Nor a bisele glik
Is dokh shoyn gantz genig
Tsu zayn oykh mit laytn tsu glaykh
'Kh hob keynmol gezikht kayn gevires
Keynmol farlangt kayn ashires
Geleyt zikh basheydn
In laydn un freydn
Tsu hobn parnuse un glik


A way to make a living and good health
That is all that I want now
For who needs to be a millionaire
Riches aren't my desire
I want just a little happiness
A little house, a little home
A little garden with a little tree
A way to make a living and enough

I never had thoughts of wealth
Nver had the desire
To live in luxury and be rich
Only to have a little happiness
Is certainly enough
To be the equal of other people
I never have sought riches
Never desired wealth
Lived modestly
In suffering and joy
To make a living and have a bit of happiness

(Translation by Dr Sarah Moskovitz)


Added September 11th, 2001