Rad HaLayla

Folk Tune

Yaakov Orland

Hebrew Lyrics

Rad ha-layla, rav shireynu,
ha-boqea` `al ha-shamayim.
shuvi, shuvi, horateynu,
mekhudeshet shivatayim !

shuvi, shuvi, ve-nasov,
ki darkeynu eyn lah sof,
ki `od nimshekhet ha-shalshelet...
ki libbeynu lev ekhad
mey-`olam ve-`adey`ad,
ki `od nimshekhet ha-shalshelet...


` stands for `ayin; kh stands for khet or khaf.


Night is coming down, our song is raising,
Breaking thru the sky.
Round and round again, our "hora",
Renewed a second time !

Round and round again, let's turn,
For our road comes to no end,
For the chain is continued...
For our hearts are one heart
Always and forever,
for the chain is continued...


If you want an English version with the same rhythm as the Hebrew, try thi


Added April 27th, 2001