Sei Yona

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avram avinu

Hebrew Lyrics

/ S'ee <B style="color:black;background-color:#ffff66">yona</B>
bechinor najeni. /
/ U/schi zameri roni
beshir hithboneni. /
/ Umaheri we'al thifni
lederech soteni. /
/ Gechi seda wenisa'a
Wenithaden wenisba'a. /
/ Wenashira alei nevel
wezemer titheni /
wenikanes letoch jano
bethomor ta'ali
wenocheza besansinaw
ufiryo tocheli.


Go, dove, and listen to me,
with the harp of my playing.
And open your mouth and sing
a heavy song.
And hurry and don't turn
to the path of your enemy.
Take food and let's go.
We'll eat delicacies and be satisfied.
And we'll sing on the lyre
and our song will go forth,
and we'll enter into a garden,
climb up a palm tree
and grab its fronds,
and we'll eat its fruit.

yemenite love song and dance. This song is sung in Hebrew but with the peculiar traditional Yemenite pronunciation (the vowels are completely different fron standard Israeli hebrew...the gimel is read like "J" etc.etc. clip here by Mazeltones, linked to from


Added August 17th, 2000