sarit haddad


Hebrew Lyrics

Ksche halev boche
Rak elohim shomea
Hake'ev ole mitoch haneshama
ha dam nofel lifney shehu shokea
Bitfila ktana chotechet hadma'ma

Shma israel elohai
Ata hakol yachol
Natata li et chayai natatali hakol
Be enay dima halev boche besheket
U kshe halev shotek haneshama zoeket

Shma israel elohai
Achshav ani levad
Chazek oti elohai
Asse shelo efchad
Ha ke'ev gadol ve en lean livroach
Asse she igamer ki lo notar bi koach

Kshe halev boche
Ha zman omed milechet
Ha adam roeh etkol chayav pitom
El ha lonodah hu lo roze lalechet
Le elohai kore al saf tehor


when the heart cries
only G-D can hear
the pain comes up from inside the soul
the blood falls, before it sinks
with a little prayer, cuts the silence

listen israel my G-d
you are capable of anything
you gave me my life, you gave me all
in my eyes theres a tear, the heart cries in silence
and when the heart is quiet the soul cries out

listen israel my G-d
now i am alone
make me strong my G-d
make me not fear
the pain is large and there is nowhere to hide
make it stop because there is no power left in me

when the heart cries
the time stand from going
the man suddenly seen all his life
to the unknown he doesn't want to go
to my G-d he calls on the verge of purity

The best and most spiritual version of this well known Jewish song I have ever heard. It is not very long but it is very powerful. It is from a new age CD titled "American Jew" by recording and performing artist Jeff Janning and sung by him and his wife Terri and accomoanied on Accoustical guitar. I first heard this song when he (Jeff) was on his Mitzvah tour in 2000 and preformed at Jewish Community Center Orland


Added October 3rd, 2002