Shnirele Perele


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Yiddish Lyrics

Shnirele perele gilderne fon
meshiekh ben dovid zist oybn on
halt a beckher in der rekhter hant
makht a brockhe afn gantsn land.
Oi, omeyn veomen dos iz vor
meshiekh vet kumen hayntiks yor.

Vet er kumen tsu forn
veln zayn gute yorn
vet er kumen tsu raytn
veln zayn gute tsaytn
vet er kumen tsu geyn
veln di yidn in Eretz Yisroyl aynshteyn.

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Ribbons, pearls, golden flags
the Messiah, son of David, is above us
he holds a goblet in his right hand
and gives his blessing to the whole earth.

Amen, amen, this is the truth
the Messiah will come this year.

If he comes by riding, good years are ahead.
If he comes by horse, new times are ahead.
If he comes by foot, every Jew will be settled in Eretz

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Added March 13th, 2000