Shver Tzu Zayn A Yid

Sholom Secunda

Itzkhok Perlov

Yiddish Lyrics

"Habet mishomayim urey"
Kuk arop fun himl unze
Me yogt dayne kinder,
Me plogt dayne kinder
Oy her undzer biter geshray
Habet mishomayim urey

S'iz shver tsu zayn a yid
Me brent undz do di trit
Mir klogn un mir lyarmen,
Ven vestu zikh derbarmen,
Oy Tate, oy Foter getrayer
Du varfst fun vaser undz in fayer

S'iz undz biter, s'iz nisht gut
Du bist dokh undzer got unbefrayer
Oy s'iz shver tsu zayn a Yid


"Look down from the Heavens and see" (Hebrew)
Look down from the Heavens and see
How your children struggle,
How they suffer.
Listen, hear our bitter cry
Look down from the Heavens and see.

It's tough to be a Jew
Our ? burns out
When will You ? Yourself
Oh, Papa, oh dear Father,
From water, You toss us into the fire

It's a bitter lot we've got, it's no good
You are our G-d and Redeemer
Oh, is it tough to be a Jew

This was the title song of Harry Rothpearl's production of Sholom Aleykhem's story, Joseph Buloff and Miriam Kressyn and marked Sholom Secunda's final contribution to the Yiddish theater.


Added November 7th, 1999