Debbie Friedman

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Hebrew Lyrics

V'sha-m'ru v'nei Yis-ra-eil (et ha'sha-bat) 2x,
La-a-sot et ha-sha-bat l'do-ro-tam, (b'rit o-lam) 2x.

Bei-ni u-vein b'nei Yis-ra-eil, ot hi (2x) l'o-lam,

Ki shei-shet ya-mim (a-sa A-do-nai)2x
Et ha-sha-ma-yim v'et ha-a-retz,
U-va-yom ha-sh'vii (sha-vat) 2x va-yi-na-fash.


And you, the children of Israel, shall keep Shabbat as an
covenant, and make Shabbat in every generation.

It shall forever be a sign, between Me and the
children of Israel, that for six
days Adonai labored over the heavens and the Earth,
and on the seventh day,
God rested and was refreshed.

From the album And You Shall Be A Blessing The clip here is Debbie Friedman's version of the song from And You Shall Be a Blessing


Added October 7th, 1999