Yiddishe Mame

Yellen, Jack

Pollack, Lou

French Lyrics

Ver ba4shikt un bahirmt dos kind,
Vi dos shvartzapfl fun oyg?
Ver shloft nit durkh di lange nekht.
Ven es filt ir kind zikh shlekht?
Af dem tzu entfern iz nit shver,
Un ye1der veys gevis.
Der nomen is undz zeyer tayer:
A mamenyu dos iz.

A yidishe mame,
Zi makht dokh zis di gantze velt,
(ALTERNATE:Es gibt nit beser in der velt)
A yidishe mame,
Oy vey, vi bitter, ven zi felt,
Ir darft dokh danken Got,
Vos ir hot ir nokh ba zikh.
Oy vey, vi troyerik es iz.
Ven zi geyt avek tzu gikh
In vaser un fayer
Vilt zi gelofn far yikh kind.
Nisht haltn ir tayer,
Dos is gevis di greste zind.
Oy vi gliklekh un raykh
Iz der mentch, vos hot
Aza sheyne matone geshenkt fun Got,
Aza altinke yidishe mame,
Mame mayn!

Ver gliklekh iz nor vi a mame,
Ven dos kind af di fis zikh shtelt?
Ver sholem vil nor, vi a mame,
Zol shaynen af der velt?
Es zoln bombes mer nit shrekn,
Iz ir grester vuns.
A mame vil, dos kind zol vaksn
Un zol zayn gezunt


Who protects her child as the apple of her eye?
Who sits up the long nights when the child is not well?
The answer is very simple, and everyone knows it:
The name is dear to us all.
It is mama.

The Jewish mother makes the world sweet.
(ALTERNATE (appoximately) A Jewish mother, there isn't
better in the world)
A Jewish mother, how bitter life is when she is not there.
You must thank God that she is still with you.
How sad we are when she passes away too soon.
She would go through fire and water for the sake of her
It is the worst of sins not to hold her precious.
Happy and rich is the man who has got this beautiful gift
his old Jewish mother.

Who is happier than mother, when the child is set on his
Who has a stronger determination to have the world at
Her greatest wish is for peace, when no bombs scare people.
Mother wants her child to grow up and be in good health.

Oh, our Jewish mothers! 7 There is nothing more precious in the world. The real audio clip is sung by Connie Francis. Click here to buy her CD "Connie Francis Sings Jewish Favorites. Click here for another real audio recording of the song sung by a Russian Jewish singer Inna (not the creator of this site). You can purchase the CD, "Mazel Inna" by clicking here


Added May 11th, 2004