Yiddishe mame

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Yiddish Lyrics

Ich vil bay dir a kashe fregn
zogt mir ver es ken
Mit velche tayere farmegn
bencht Gott alemen

Mein koyft es nit far keyn shoyn gelt
dos krigt men nor umsist
Un doch az men farlirt dos
vifl trern men fargist

A tzveyte git men keynem nit
es helft nit kayn geveyn
Oy ver es hot farloyrn
er veyst shoyn vos ich meyn

A Yiddishe mame
es gibt nit beser in der velt
A Yiddishe mame
Oy vey vi biter ven zi feylt

Vi sheyn un lichtik is in hoyz
ven di mame s'du
Vi troyerik finster vert in shtib
ven Gott nemt ir oyf oylem habu

Doch vasser un fayer
volt zi geloyfn far ir kind
Nit haltn zi tayer
dos iz gevist di greste zind

Oy, oy, oy, glichlich un raych
iz der mensch vos hut
Aza sheyne matune geshenkt fun Gott
nor an altichke, Yiddishe mame,
mame mayn


I want to ask you a question
Tell me whoever can
For which dear possessions
do all people pray to G-d

You cannot buy it for any amount of money
This you receive for free
And then when you lose this
how many tears do you shed

A second one no one is given
Crying doesn't help
Oh, whoever has lost this
He knows what I mean

A Yiddishe mame
Nothing better exists in the world
A Yiddishe mame
Oh how bitter it is when she's missing

How beautiful and shining it is in the home
when the mother is here
How sad and dark it becomes in the house
when G-d takes her to the world-to-come

Through water and fire
she would run for her child
Not to hold her dear
this is the greatest sin

Oh lucky and rich is the person who has
such a beautiful gift given by G-d
only an aged, Yiddishe mame,
mame of mine

I think of my great-grandmother when I sing this song. She was a true Yid


Added May 11th, 2004