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PESACH TIME IN DIXIELAND N/A N/A English I am only 72 years old, so that's as far back as I go with this song, some of which my Dad sang at the seder. He never had it all. His words were different from those listed here. I have substituted his words in capitals. I still can't get the tune. There is a fellow who sings some of it on youtube, but it is wildly incomplete. It has always been my assumption that it was written by Mickey Katz who did the best of these YiddishEnglish hybrids, and did indeed write It's Paisach in Portugal, but I can't find a listing for this song in any of his albums online. But I intend to keep looking. I ain't got a whole lot to leave my grandchildren, but they all know how to join in at "Pesach time in Dixie; Dancing with a Shiksie," and I would love to pass it on complete if I could find it. G. Levine 2020
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